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This might seem like a regular news broadcast, but it’s more than that – it’s a pivotal moment in Guns of Boom, and by the end of the video, you’ll be so hyped you’ll need a cold shower.

PvE Mode

We all know and love Guns of Boom as a strictly-PvP game, where real players compete with each other in various modes and on different maps. However, this is soon to change! We’ll be introducing a new PvE mode, where players fend off AI forces and prove their mastery against overwhelming odds!

Just in case this sounds like mumbo-jumbo: PvP stands for Player vs Player, and PvE stands for Player vs Environment. In the case of PvP, gunslingers fight against other players from around the world, while PvE is about fighting against computer-controlled enemies.

As you can imagine, the strategies and moves used in PvP and PvE differ greatly, and even the most skilled gunslingers will face a real challenge when they’re put up against hordes of AI-controlled enemies!

We’ll start beta-testing the new mode next week, and there’ll be special forms to fill out for those who want to become our first testers. The mode will be introduced to the game for all players later on: we do not want to set a strict date at this moment, but we’ll try to implement it as soon as possible. Stay tuned – there’ll be much more news about this feature!

Here’s a roadmap that outlines the main milestones in implementing this feature. Save it, print it, hang it above your bed - you can’t really overdo it.

Season 7 Tips

There are 2 main things that make Season 7 stand out from the rest of them. First – you can get the Elite Career for free by completing challenges. Second – there are now more Battle Coins in the rewards than previously, especially in the Elite Career. What does this mean for a diligent gunslinger like you? More chances to assemble the Dolores shotgun and the Mirage helmet, of course! Use the opportunity to grind those coins and get those fragments, the items are totally worth having in your Arsenal!

We’ve also prepared several guides - one of Season 7 in general, and the other deals specifically with weekend brawls. Stanis doesn’t talk about that in the video, but you’re not watching the video - you’re reading this article. Lucky you!

Community News

Not one Guns of Boom News bulletin goes without some Community News. You know why? Because you, our community, are the backbone of the game and the driving force behind all the new features and improvements!

This time around, we want to talk about charity, because helping others is what makes us real human beings. From November 6 to November 13 we’re taking part in the Armistice charity drive, and thus, you’ll be able to purchase special insignias in the game: a regular one for a buck, and an animated one for $5. All received funds will go towards the War Child fund that helps kids who suffered from war. There’ll also be a special charity stream which we’ll announce a little later – stay tuned.

Finally, the Halloween comic contest is ending, and it’s your last chance to submit your entry. Don’t miss the deadline!

That’s it for the week. See you next time!

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