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We’ve got you something you asked for! Southeast Asia tournament! Yes! Starting this Saturday we are bringing to you the best fights of South East Asia!

Tune in every week at 16:30 IST (11:00 AM UTC) to watch your favorite teams compete against one another for a piece of the $4,000 Challenger Series prize pool.

With the help of our glorious broadcasters – Danius Dauksa and Renars Senfelds we are starting at the top! It's the second to last Spring Challenger Cup!  Follow this link and don't forget to ring the notification bell! You don't wanna miss this!

Who is going to get those last crucial points? Will Damage Gaming (former 2EZ4_ALL STARS) succeed and keep their leadership in this region? After all, the winner of the Spring Challengers will the get the ticket to the Pro Series Brazil live event!

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