The Tale

Once upon a time, in the land of eternal springtime there lived a brave and mighty king who dreamed of one thing – seeing real winter with his own eyes. You see, in his kingdom snow always melted before covering all the roofs, trees, and roads. So he called on the most skilled sorcerers, but none could turn his lands into a winter fairytale. That was, until the Frost Queen appeared! Her powers were strong, and she made it snow like in these vintage songs on the radio. The king and all the people in his lands instantly became happy, joyous, and cold.

The end.

The Event

The tale will be told from December 18 to January 9, so gather round and prepare for some holiday activities and features: 

  • Starting on the first day of the event and up until January 1, you get to claim daily gifts (total of 15 gifts)
  • Three fairs, including ones with a new sniper rifle and vest 
  • Active map rotation every other day
  • Challenges with rewards 
  • Ratings with prizes for the best gunslingers (more info below) 
  • Unique winter cosmetics

Magical Fairs

This year, we’ve got three awesome fairs coming up, and each one is a must-visit:

  • The first one is for the Antidote vest – a piece of protective gear that can turn incoming poison and piercing damage into additional armor. 
  • The second fair is for the new Stormbringer sniper rifle that deals additional damage and slows down enemies on every third shot you land and also doesn’t make you leave the scoped mode between shots.
  • The third fair is for the Joker – a surprising shotgun that can startle your enemies and send them back to the spawn room.

Take part in all three fairs to get all the winter goodies!

Map of the Day

Previously, event maps took a week or two to change – that’s in the past now. Maps change every other day, so the rotation is fast, and you get to experience more variety. Here’s the map pool:

  • Europe: New Year (Modes: Zone Control)
  • Mountain: Cableway (Modes: King of the Hill, TDM)
  • Mountain: Chalet (Modes: Payload)
  • Arctic: Base (Modes: Delivery Run, King of the Hill, TDM)

Cool Cosmetics

The magic of this winter fairytale is that you can bring a piece of it into your everyday lives (apart from all the wisdom, of course). We’re talking about cosmetics! Frost Queen and Majesty costumes for your characters, some stylish frosty masks, and an assortment of holiday weapon skins. Everything you need to celebrate in style!

Challenges & Ratings

Competition and overcoming challenges are essential to any tale! So start working towards being the best complete free and contract challenges, and take part in the daily and event ratings to get some unique rewards.

Also, note the change in rating rewards:

  • Players in 1-3 places will receive all 3 event insignias (Fleur-De-Ice, Icecalibur, King's Stocking) + consumables
  • Players in 4-300 places will receive 2 event insignias (Icecalibur and King's Stocking) + consumables
  • The top 1% of players will receive 1 event insignia (King's Stocking) + consumables

That’s that, friends. Now head out to the snowy maps, score big, spin the fairs, and get all the gear and rewards so you can live happily ever after without any regrets about missing out on the ultimate fairytale event in Gods of Boom!

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